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I have been acknowledged in numerous articles and books for my editing assistance over the past 30 years, including the following:

"We thank Elizabeth Samit for assistance in the preparation of this manuscript." - Vaccine 29(3):476-486; 2011.
"We also thank Elizabeth Samit for expert manuscript preparation." - Infection and Immunity 73(2):1044-1051; 2005.
"The manuscript preparation was completed...by Elizabeth Samit who - in addition to typing - filled in missing words, edited, and significantly improved the manuscript." - Issues in Physician Satisfaction. Health Administration Press, Ann Arbor, MI; 1994.

Some recommendations viewable online as an UpWork.com freelance writer and editor:

Ghostwriter-Medical Book: "Excellent job--great communicator. Able to fully deliver on all tasks requested." - (September, 2021)

Presentation or White Paper on Transitions: "Great writer and contract partner. Helped me develop a framework for what I really wanted and needed... Straightforward, clear and professional." - (June, 2021)

Editor, Content Organizer and Ghostwriter for Healthcare Professional: "She was perfect in every way... Excellent writer..." - (March, 2021)

Developmental Editor and Proofreader: "Elizabeth far exceeded my expectations. She put a great deal of effort...prompt, professional and communicative. I'm looking forward to working with her again." - (March, 2020)

Hospital Blog-Writer Wanted: "Elizabeth is the consummate professional. I highly recommend her for any writing/research projects you have." - (November, 2019)

Scientific white paper: "I worked with Elizabeth on a white paper. She spent time...to understand my need and the subject matter. I am extremely happy with her work..." - (July, 2018)

High blood pressure articles for blog: "Absolute best writer on UpWork and I have been on UpWork for years." - (April, 2018)


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